St-Hilaire blueberry picking
Flanc-Sud blueberry field

The blueberries at the Domaine du Flanc sud!

Come and have fun with your family during a blueberry picking activity! Our plantation of several varieties allows us to offer you blueberries throughout the summer. Treat yourself to these sun-soaked fruits and antioxidants!

Come see us!

Come pick blueberries!

Blueberry picking is now finished. We look forward to welcoming you again around the middle of July 2024.

 Prices for bluberries ? 

  • 10$ the basket of 1 liter
  • 18$ the basket of 2 liters
  • 29$ the basket of 4 liters
  • 44$ 2 baskets of 4 liters
  • 54$ 3 baskets of 4 liters

To know?

  • We provide the baskets. No other baskets are allowed.
  • Cash only
  • No reservation needed. 
  • We accept cards and cash
  • Dogs are not allowed on site. 
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