Apple's properties

Eating apples on a regular basis helps to control or reduce weight

A 150g, mid-size apple give the body about 18 to 20g of carbohydrate (74 to 80 kcal) slowly and progressively absorbed by the organism bringing an important and lasting satisfaction of the appetite.

As a dessert or between meals, eating an apple is ideal and limits excessive snacking on high sugar content food that causes weight increase in adults as well as in children.

Apple, a good energy source for people who practice sports!

The energy input of apple doesn’t come from fat but fructose and carbohydrate that are slowly absorbed by the organism. This, and more widely the nutritional profile of the apple, makes it a fruit perfectly suited for sport practitioners.

Indeed, in the context of physical activity, the components of the apple have a beneficial effect on the body before, during and after exercise.

  • Consumed before sports, apples give you energy throughout the physical activity.
  • Consumed during physical exercise, the apple recharges the body in minerals and various vitamins.
  • Consumed after training, an apple, with its 85% of water, helps to rehydrate the body and facilitate the elimination of toxins.

Furthermore, vitamin C is what apple provides best: in its outer layer of the pulp and even more in the skin, since it contains 4 to 5 times more of this energy vitamin than the rest of the fruit. It’s best to eat an apple without peeling it after rinsing it under water for hygiene.

Did you know?

Studies have shown that chewing your food longer diminishes risks of gaining weight. Firm and crisp apple must be slowly chewed. This increases its appetite suppressant effect through an augmentation in digestive secretions.

In addition, pectin is an active fiber contained in apples that helps regulate intestinal transit, the quality of the bacterial flora and improve digestive function.
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