Cherry history and culture technique

Domaine du Flanc-Sud offers a wide range and abundance of cherries. Indeed, thousands of young plants have been planted and await their flowering time followed by the harvest. The cherry, this wonderful little fruit which, after the strawberry and the most popular red berries, will also be available for self picking soon.

We can't grow sweet cherries in the Quebec since they need a warmer temperature, so we choosed cherry trees that can withstand a temperature as low as -35o Celsius.

We are talking about “griottes” here, those plump cherries more or less red, which are best represented in Quebec by the 'Montmorency' cherry, a variety that bears fruits in the metropolitan area early in July.

“Griottes” are sweet and sour cherries perfectly suited for compotes and pies. A delight, I must say. You can also make an exquisite liqueur mixing fruits as such in a solution of alcohol mixed with a little sugar and then leave to settle for five or six months.

There is a tendency to confuse them with cherries of "France" (French cherries), a more or less strange term since we know that they are produced in the United States, British Columbia and Ontario.

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