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Apple season is now over! Hope to see you next year!




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Activities for All

Apple Blueberry and Cherry Self Picking Apple Blueberry and Cherry Self Picking
Inflatable Games Come and play in our inflatable games
Small Animals Small Animals
Giant Maze Giant Maze
Arts and Crafts Arts and crafts for children
Relaxation Relax with us
Picnic Family picnic
Park Park
Groups and Schools School group trip

While picking fresh fruits, you can have a good time! Beside apple, cherry and blueberry saltf picking, you can enjoy various activities at Domaine du Flanc Sud in St-Hilaire, on the Montreal's South-Shore.

Adventure in the land of the apple!



Apple season is now over. Hope to see you next year!


Like the apple trees, cherry trees give beautiful white flowers around May. The beauty of the trees is a must-see. Come and enjoy the sight.


The 2017 season will be stunning! The weather is with us and blueberries are good, big and juicy ; in short, they are delicious! Join us for the blueberry self picking season 2017 from July 13th. 

At Domaine du Flanc Sud, it's full of fun!
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